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מתנות לחו"ל

 מתנות מהגליל לאנשים בחו"ל/ לתיירים המבקרים בישראל

Gift packages from the Galilee
   Experience the Galilee at home

We ship the gifts (almost) anywhere you choose

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Experience the Galilee gift packages

We are honored to send your friends, family, and associates our beautiful Galilee gift packages so they can experience the Galilee where ever they are right now.


What's in our gift packages?

    Want to know more?

    Galilee-Dreams (חלומות בטבע) unique products


    Galilee-Dreams  "Aroma from the Galilee" olive oil candle 

    The olive tree signifies nature's generosity that bestows upon us vitality, health, and wellness. The candle is made of high-quality olive oil from our olive grove, blended with aromatic essential oils of Galilee herbs. It will spread the Galilee light in your home for +40 hours.


    " Galilee blend  scented sachet & macramé wall décor

     An original gift . Abbey Rotbart, our in-house textile artist eco-dyes your sachet with natural colors derived from the Galilee & hand-prints it with an original golden or silver design. The sachet is filled with dried organic aromatic Galilee herbs from the Mint family herbs that grow in Galilee nature and are the essence of the Galilee.

    The beautiful macramé wall décor is made by the Galilee artist Neta Segev.

    Hot drink two-side wooden coasters with original pictures from the Galilee We embedded original Galilee pictures of the Sea of Galilee, the Jordan river, and Mt. Tabor in these unique wooden coasters.

    Hand-made silver bracelet

    This Hand- made water-resistant bracelet, made of a pure 925 Sterling Silver, is designed by our in-house jeweler Yael Rotbart. Wearing it reminds you of your optimism because sometimes, all you need is to bring out your inner glow and remind yourself that you can fly to new horizons.

     A miniature pomegranate for abundance in your home.

    made by the veteran potter Raja Atalla

    Products by Galilee small businesses incorporated in our gift packages:

    These are the best boutique products made by farmers of Lower Galilee and Jezreel Valley, thus representing the historical glamor of this part of our ancient homeland. 

    Selected Nahalal wine of Jezreel Valley Winery in Hanaton. Jezreel Valley Winery is a boutique winery dedicated to true Israeli winemaking. The sun-loving varietals and the wine-making style reflect a new world of original Israeli wine. This particular wine has been chosen for our packages this year, which is the 100th anniversary of Nahalal, the first workers Moshav in the country.

    Extra Virgin olive oil is lovingly made by the Shiloach Family Farm in Alon Hagalil. Their olive oil was given the 2021 Best Israeli Boutique Brand Award at the TerraOlivo Israel competition.

    Honey of various Galilee flowers made at the Ofir Farm in Alon Hagalil. The apiary, established in 1985, has about 800 hives scattered in Galilee and it produces nine different kinds of honey.

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