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Galilee  scented sachet & Experience the Galilee Diffuser blend in a gift box
  • Take the Galilee Home with you -   מתנה נפלאה לאורחים מחו"ל

    Experience the Galilee at home through its herbal scents & designs inspired by Galilee symbols - מתנה נפלאה מישראל למשפחה|חברים|לקוחות בחו"ל


    What's in the gift box?

    The Blend

    A scented sachet filled with our Galilee Blend. We grow six mint family Galilee herbs in our gardens, dry them and combine them in our famous Galilee blend. want to know more? The Galilee Blends.

    The eco-Dye

    Eco- Dye is a traditional art. For thousands of years, people have been producing colorful fabrics from the plants around them, such as roots, bark& leaves. During the eco-dye process, the sachet is infused with the qualities attributed to these plants throughout the ages.

    There is an option for a Pomegranate eco-dye sachet or natural (no eco-dye).


    The Design- individually Made  by Hand | Stamped

    Each sachet includes an original design in the color of your choice, of Galilee and Holyland symbols which is either handmade or stamped.


    "Experience the Galilee diffuser blend"

    5 ml/ 0.17 fl/oz. 20% in Jojoba oil. Ingredients: Jojoba oil. Essential oils: Oregano, Spearmint, Rosemary, Sage, Lemon Balm.


    Watch this short video (20 sec) to find out how to use "experience the Galilee diffuser blend"


    Galilee scented sachet & Experience the Galilee Diffuser blend in a gift box

    מחירהחל מ- 65.00 ₪

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