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Includes a 10% donation from every gift box to the elders in the Galilee Displaced Communities


As we approach Passover, the Spring festival, we are thrilled to present the "PASSOVER WONDERS FROM THE GALILEE" gift set. This collection is not just a celebration of the season but also a beacon of hope and support the elders in the displaced communities from the Upper Galilee.


Emphasizing our commitment to giving back, 10% of the proceeds from each product sold will go towards aiding the elders in the Galilee communities affected by displacement, aiming to bring them joy and assistance. This initiative is in direct response to the harsh reality that approximately 61,000 individuals will not celebrate Passover in their own homes this year due to the impacts of conflict. 



This initiative is in memory of Gina Gali, the late mother of Noa Zion the founder of Galilee-Dreams, who was displaced from her home on October 8, 2023, and passed away far from her home in February.


Our gift set is a homage to the Galilee, a lush, vibrant region in the north of Israel, known for its rich history, natural beauty, and cultural diversity. The Galilee is a place where the past and present, nature and culture, converge in a display of resilience and harmony. Our curated selection of products invites you on a sensory journey through the Galilee, with each item embodying the spirit of the region and the essence of Passover.


In alignment with our mission to support the Galilee communities, we emphasize that purchasing our gift set has a direct impact on this cause. Each purchase contributes 10% of the product price towards aiding those who have been displaced, ensuring your choice helps provide much-needed assistance and joy.


 Here's how each product in the set connects to the Galilee and enriches your Passover experience:

Scented Sachets: Infused with the fragrance of wild herbs from the Galilee, these sachets transport you to the region's flourishing fields, celebrating the natural abundance that is a cornerstone of Passover.

Olive Oil Candle and Soap: Crafted with inspiration from the ancient olive trees of the Galilee, these items symbolize peace and resilience. They reflect the enduring spirit of Passover, a festival that transcends boundaries and honors diversity and tradition.

Olive Oil: Experience the richness of the Galilee with this premium olive oil, a testament to the dedication of local farmers. Produced by the Shiloach Family Farm in Alon Hagalil, this award-winning Extra Virgin olive oil represents a cycle of freedom and renewal.

Charoset: This traditional Charoset, reminiscent of the clay used by our ancestors in Egypt, serves as a tangible link to history. It embodies the resilience spirit and the essence of Passover traditions.

Galilee Herbal Infusion: Crafted by Wisozky, each sip of this infusion invites the serene beauty of the Galilee into your home, symbolizing the diversity of life and the unity of communities during this sacred festival.

Mini Pomegranate by artist Raja Atalla: Symbolizing abundance and communal harmony, this piece reflects the rich cultural tapestry of the Galilee and embodies the spirit of togetherness that is inherent in Passover.


This Passover, let the "Passover Wonders from the Galilee" gift set bring the essence of the Galilee and the spirit of the season into your home, while also making a significant contribution to a meaningful cause. Through your purchase, you are directly supporting displaced communities, reinforcing our shared values of compassion and community assistance.

Passover Wonders From The Galilee | Free Shipping

מחירהחל מ- 520.00 ₪
2000 Grams
  • The gift package is shipped in a wooden box

    אפשרויות המשלוח:

    שליח עד הבית תוך 2-7 ימי עסקים, 37 ש"ח.

    דואר רשום תוך 8-13 ימי עסקים, 15 ש"ח. 

    קיימת אפשרות לאיסוף עצמי של המוצרים מאילון 19 גבעת אלה בתאום מראש. 

    משלוח לחו"ל

    ** אנו שולחים את המוצרים בדואר רשום, eco-post  או EMS (כמעט) לכל מקום בארץ ובעולם. צרו קשר על מנת לברר



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