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Dream of Galilee Scented Sachet
  • With every sachet you buy, 20% of the proceeds go to support displaced communities in the Upper Galilee. Plus, buy 7 and you'll get free shipping. It's a simple way to make a difference and indulge in beautiful scents.


    This year, the Seder night experience undergoes a profound transformation with the introduction of the 'Dream of Galilee Scented Sachet'. Each sachet, blending wild herbs from the mint family grown in Galilee's nature**, not only captures the fragrance but also embodies the spirit of this magnificent region. Adorned with a Star of David, an Israeli flag seal, and inscribed with 'Galilee-Dreams,' it allows you to sense and immerse yourself in the Galilee atmosphere from afar.


    In a deeper commitment to benevolence this holiday season, 20% of the proceeds from each sachet will be donated to support the displaced communities of the Galilee, who find themselves unable to celebrate the Seder night in their own homes, having been displaced from their homes for almost 6 months now. Through your purchase, you contribute more than just to your holiday experience by bringing the essence of the Galilee into your home; you also provide essential support to these communities in their most critical time of need.


    As you gather around the Seder table this year and breathe in the Galilee scents together from the Galilean scented sachets, you stand in solidarity with the displaced, in heart and spirit, if not in physical presence. Join us on this aromatic journey of scents and tradition, with our collective hearts holding a prayer for the peace of Israel and for the displaced Galileans' hopeful return to their homes soon.


    **we grow these herbs in our Galilee gardens as they are protected by law.

    Dream of Galilee Scented Sachet

    45.00 ₪מחיר
    • The Blend: the sachet is filled with Galilee Blend or Relax blend

      Net wt.: 20 g (0.7 oz.) Gross wt. 28 g (0.98 oz).

      Wrapping: Wrapped in natural-colored silk paper.

      Instructions: Crush the sachet in your hand to intensify the scent. Store in the zip lock sealed bag (attached) to preserve the aroma.

      Important: use the scented sachet to smell the unique Galilee aroma of the Galilee herbs. The herbs in the sachet are not intended for eating or drinking. Galilee herbs are not recommended while pregnant or breastfeeding.

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