Aroma from the Galilee gift package
  • In the gift packages, you will find our most unique products that were crafted so you can jump to the Galilee in a second...


    Galilee-Dreams  "Aroma from the Galilee" olive oil candle 

    The olive tree signifies nature's generosity that bestows upon us vitality, health, and wellness. The candle is made of high-quality olive oil from our olive grove, blended with aromatic essential oils of Galilee herbs. It will spread the Galilee light in your home for 30-40 hours.


    The "Galilee in Your Hand" Scented Sachet

    Just smell the natural aroma, and the scent will whisk you into a Galilee field of herbs. The organic Galilee blend combines five dried herbs: wild marjoram (believed to be the biblical Hyssop), thyme, sage, white leaved savory, and lemon balm. They all are natural Galilee herbs we grow in our herb gardens because they are protected by law.


    So…  open the gift package, light the olive oil candle, smell the natural herbal aroma of “The Galilee in your hand “ scented sachet and… you are already in the Galilee!! Welcome home!


    The Pomegranate picture is only for Illustration. 

    Aroma from the Galilee gift package

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